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Week 8

Sorry that I haven’t posted in so long. This week have been really fun and we have done a lot.

This week we are starting poetry and we also have the student teacher in with us for that. We have done a metaphoric poem and also a shape poem. They have been really fun and we have some great minds and some great poets.

Anyway the weather this week has been extremely unpredictable. We kicked off the week with a scorching 38 degrees Celsius and then Tuesday came back down to 18-19 degrees Celsius and it has stayed that way all week. That’s what happens when you live in Melbourne.

Another fun thing we did today was Art. We did a abstract art this week. As my median I used chalk and it actually looks alright. I like using chalk because I like smudging the chalk together to make it look really cool.

In addition we are also doing our memory books for our time here at St Luke’s. We are nearly finished and even just looking back at the photos from years ago it is really touching. Even though I have only been here for 7 years I have still changed a lot.

This week has been really fun and there is only 3 more week of school. I am so excited.

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