Week 5 Student Blogging Challenge (continued)

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Remember the original post that I did for the Week 5 Student Blogging Challenge, has the paragraph.Here it is:

Ashling’s post:

Charlie was a little girl. She was small, smart and she loved plants and animals.

She was walking in a park with her sister Laura with her backpack on her back.  Suddenly, she spotted a new species called red flamingo and she was so happy. Then she walked over to the side of the lake and she saw a spotted tadpole. She looked in her backpack and she had a net in it to catch all of these unknown species. When she looked back in the water she could feel herself starting to turn into a bear

Rian’s comment:

and she grew to 6 feet tall, covered in thick hair and she roared out of fear as she was scared and a huge bear! She looked to her right and saw some other bears looking at her, wondering what was wrong. Her first instinct was to run. She decided to 

Ashling’s comment:

run as fast as she could, and she was now in a lot of stress to try to get away from all of this mess. As she was running she saw a cave in the forest and she thought that if she hid in there they wouldn’t  see her. Laura ( The big sister)  didn’t know what was happening and she was chilling out not knowing that there were lots of gigantic bears behind her. She turned at the exact time she SCREAMED as loud as possible and ran back home.

I have received another comment from Molly and she said:

to find out that it was a school day and she was going to be too late to go to the excursion! ¨How am I going to get there?¨ she said

Do you have a idea?

Please comment and leave your idea in there 🙂

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  1. G’day Ash,

    It was so great to read your addition to the story after my little part. I saw Mrs Coffa last night at a teachers meet and she told me about your entry which was great! Keep up the hard work and the great blog entries.

    Best of luck with your next student blogging challenge, make sure you check back in regularly!
    – Rian

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