Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

Hello bloggers

This weeks challenge is that we have to start off a story based on the picture and you need to finish it for me.

Charlie was a little girl. She was small, smart and she loved plants and animals.
She was walking in a park with her sister Laura with her backpack on her back.  Suddenly, she spotted a new species called red flamingo and she was so happy. Then she walked over to the side of the lake and she saw a spotted tadpole. She looked in her backpack and she had a net in it to catch all of these unknown species.
When she looked back in the water she could feel herself starting to turn into a bear…..

…Now you have to finish it off.

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ANZAC Day Ceremony

Hello bloggers

On the 20/4/16 our school was invited by Box Hill RSL to participate in a ANZAC ceremony at Box Hill Gardens. It was a beautiful ceremony and we enjoyed it a lot.

The other schools that came were:

  • Blackburn High School
  • Blackburn Primary School
  • Box Hill High School
  • Box Hill Senior Secondary Collage
  • Kerrimuir Primary School
  • Kingswood Collage
  • Laburnum Primary School
  • Mitcham Primary School
  • Orchard Grove Primary School
  • Our Holy Redeemer
  • Our Lady of Sion Collage
  • Our Lady’s Primary School
  • Roberts Mccubbin Primary School
  • St Francis Xavier’s
  • St Phillips Primary School
  • Surrey Hills Primary School

It was a very meaningful ceremony and it made me think more deeply about the war. It was very kind of the Box Hill RSL to invite us to this beautiful ceremony. I felt so sorry for all of those thousands of soldiers that dedicated and risked their lives for the future.This ANZAC day I have remembered those soldiers more because I have a better understanding of it. The stories that we heard were amazing and it was a frightening time for them. We heard the Ode and the last post, which is played by the bugle.(Picture down below.)

How do you celebrate ANZAC day?

Please comment if you have any questions or comments 🙂

A-Z Easter Holidays :)

A-Z Easter Holidays 🙂

My Holidays were Amazing. We went to the beach, to catch up with family friends. Everyone, including me, got dunked by absolutely huge waves. Emer is one year younger than me, and she is one of our family friends, as well as Patrick, Thomas Lizzy and Darren. I thought that this break was going to be horrifically interesting. Now I remember what the name of the place was. It is called Jan Juc. We stayed there with extremely kind Lizzy, Darren and the kids, from London. The most exciting bit was of the holidays was when we went shopping at the surf outlets. I got a big but nice and cozy jacket. The surf shops were near the ocean. The place that we stayed at was quite nice. Patrick and Thomas were fighting all of the time. Although the weather was really dull and rainy the surf was still wild so we were in the water most of the time. The beach that we went to was called Torquay back beach. Umbrellas were not necessary, but the weather was vaguely rainy. The water was extremely cold. I also went to the movies with friends and I asked them “What have you done on the holidays so far?and after that we went to see Zootopia. Overall my holidays were so cool, and now I want an English accent. They were the best holidays ever!