A-Z About me

Hello bloggers

Today I am going to tell you a bit about myself:

My name is Ashling. I love listening to Acapella. I like to play with bouncy balls. I love the sport cricket. My brothers name is Declan. I love being energetic. My dad’s name is Feargal. One of my buddies names is Gemma. I am always happy (well most of the time). My family originates from Ireland. I like to eat jelly. I try to be kind to whoever I meet. My friends and I love to laugh together. Another magnificent sport I play is soccer. I also play netball. Most of the time, I am optimistic. Playing paintball is really fun. I have a passion for asking questions. I especially love running. I am quite small and extremely smiley 🙂 I love to talk to anyone. I have a understanding personality. I am quite vocal. Watermelon is one of my favourite fruits. In fact I have never had an x-ray in my life. I love to play with yoyo’s and run in zig zag patterns.

What do you like to do? Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed it.

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My Buddies

Hello bloggers

My name is Ashling and I have 2 buddies to look after. Their names are Annie and Gemma. Now I am going to tell you about them.


Gemma likes the colour pink. Her favourite food is rainbow ice-cream. She likes playing at the park with her friends. Gemma loves Summer. She likes the movie Frozen and her favourite character is Elsa. She wishes to have a goldfish but she doesn’t have any pets yet. Gemma likes to play on the little swing set she has at her house. She likes the day Saturday because it starts with the letter S and S her favourite letter. She also loves the number 20. Gemma likes reading fairy tales. She likes to draw pictures as well. Gemma is a lovely girl and I like her a lot.

 What do you like to play?


I am going to tell you about my other buddy called Annie.

Annie likes the colour green. She likes to play on the playground. Her favourite number is 10. Annie’s favourite movie is Frozen and her favourite character is Olaf. Her favourite season is Spring. She likes cats. Annie also likes chocolate. She likes to read the frozen book, she likes to play with her friends and she has a lot of fun in school. Annie is a very kind girl, she likes playing with other preps and she is really kind to everyone in the school.

Thanks for reading. What do you like to do in your spare time?

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   Devian Art

My Avatar

Hello bloggers,

In this post I am doing the Student blogging challenge. The first week activity is making our own avatars. This is my avatar:

Screenshot 2016-03-07 at 3.18.49 PM

I have light brown hair, bluish and greenish eyes (and I love to SMILE).

I have a soccer ball because I play soccer and I have a tennis ball because I like the sport tennis. All I wear when I have the chance are hoodies and tracksuit pants.

If you want to make your own avatar you can go onto this site.


Do you have a avatar?

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2016 Reflection (so far)

Hello bloggers,

2016 has been a blast. My class is awesome and my teachers (Miss Grieve and Mrs Inglese) are awesome too.  We have Miss Grieve on Monday’s and Tuesday’s and Mrs Inglase on Wednesday’s Thursday’s and Friday’s. They are both really good teachers and I am looking forward to the year.

The goal that I have for this year is:

1.  Learn all of my times tables up to 12 times x

I am looking forward to the rest of the year with my new class and teachers.

How has your start to the year been like?

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The Importance of Sleep

Hello bloggers

In school we watched a video on sleep. It was really informative and here is what I learnt.

Sleep is extremely important, we need sleep to recharge our body ready for the next day. I believe that kids aged 11-12 need  10- 11 hours of sleep on a weekday and 9-10 hours on a weekend or a holiday. If we don’t have enough sleep it will affect concentration, memory and even learning.

When we try to go asleep our body releases a chemical called Melatonin and it makes us sleepy. This is a serious issue that everyone needs to know about to get better grades in school. The brain releases the chemical called Meletonin from the Suprachiasmatic Nucleus in your brain which acts like a clock but in your brain. It uses  the information from your sensors (eyes and ears) to tell if it is night or day. When you use technology of any kind before you go to bed the meletonin doesn’t work as well.

This is why shutting down or turning off any device an hour before you go to sleep is a fantastic idea and I am going to do that.

This is the link to the video that we watched in class.


So what do you do before you go asleep?

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St Lukes Twilight Sports

Hello bloggers,

On Monday the 29-2-16 St Lukes had our Twilight sports night. We all had a really good time and we all had so much fun.

The events we had for the years 4’s 5’s and 6’s were:

  1. 100 metres
  2. 200 metres
  3. 800 metres
  4. Shotput
  5. Long jump
  6. Discus
  7. 4×100 relay (grade 4, 5 and 6 only)

The extra events we had for the preps, year 1’s and 2’s were:

  1. Bean bag throw
  2. Mini hurdles
  3. Shuttle relay

The night wouldn’t have been so good if it wasn’t for all of our teachers and especially Miss Van Eyk and Mrs Reid. I also thank our principal Mrs Purcell for organising all of the students and getting times when we could practice. I also thank and congratulate all of the sports captains for green, red and blue because they made up all of the dances and taught it to the rest of their team. Thank you everyone who made the night so successful. Now the results are in…..



Good job everyone who participated and we all had fun.

What was your favourite bit about sports night?

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