My Myst description

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This is a descriptive piece that we did and this is my one.  We had to describe this picture below and we had to use different literacy devices like Metaphors, Similes and Personifications.

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Myst Description

The shining tree stalk’s shadows were as dark as a black room. The rocks were as strong as a brick wall. I gazed at the tower while I was pulled back by the powerful wind and injured myself on the rocks. The people inside the little room, were being pushed around like the wildest party there ever was. I was looking at the dark, grey clouds as I was having my lunch. I walked on the narrow and steep path. The rocks were as still as a cupboard. I jumped as far as I possibly could (to try to get across) while injuring myself. The roofs were as spiny as a point on a star. It smelled like the sandy and wavy beach.

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