My Favourite Biome

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What’s your favourite biome?

Mine’s probably Rain forest.

The forest has such a gentle feel it also has several numbers of wildlife living in the area. The tree’s look so calmful and I feel relaxed. I like to think of the forest when i am doing meditation.

You may even see some of the beautiful sights of the forest. These sights are taken care of our wildlife like the bears, frogs and the fish.

When i am feeling lonely I think of the forest river rushing though like a big gust of wind. I follow the river and it leads to the ocean and Beach. I can see the fish jumping up with happiness in the flowing river. The tree’s are so tall you could barley climb up them.

So that was my favourite biome.  What’s yours?

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Conservation of Animals

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This is a writing piece about the Conservation of Animals.

Here it is:

Conservation of Animals

The animal kingdom is being destroyed and animals are getting endangered. Some of them are endangered and species might become extinct in 10-15 years.An example is the Tassie Devil and The Pipistrelle Bat.

The Tassie devil is nearly completely extinct, and they need our help to be able to keep them alive. The disease called the DFTD (Devil Facial Tumour Disease) was and still is affecting the Tassie devils.The disease spreads by contact and the tassie devils make a lot of contact with others. This disease has killed 97% of the Tassie Devils in Tasmania, and this is not good.

All of the animals are important but the ones that I would help first would probably be the endangered animals that don’t have that many more. I would also like to help the species that don’t kill as much other animals like the fox. The fox kills a lot of other animals such as penguins.

To conclusion I would like to say that I believe that we have to help the species that are endangered by doing what we can do to help. So have you done what you need to help?

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My Absoulutley Awesome Holidays!

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The term 3 Holidays were AMAZING!

In the first week of holidays I went to Port Macquarie for three days.

This is Port Macquarie.

The weather wasn’t so great but we had a great time. We went there because I have a little girl cousin in Port Macquarie. She is ADORABLE and SO cute. Her name is Kaitlin and she really suits it.She can’t speak yet, but when she does it will be so cute. We also went to two local places and tourist attractions, like The Bago Maze, Ricardo’s Strawberry/Tomato picking and The Koala Hospital.

The Bago Maze

The Bago maze was very tricky but I got though it (Before Mum too).

Here it is:

It was challenging but fun. (Declan my little brother lead me through.)

When we came to the Bago maze we got to go through the vineyards.There were 3 checkpoints one on the left of this picture and 1 in the picture.

At the end you got to go underneath a bridge and finish the maze.

Ricardo’s Strawberry/Tomato picking

In the Ricardo’s Strawberry/Tomato picking center we got to go and pick our own strawberries and tomatoes. We only did the strawberries. All of the strawberries looked really ripe and juicy. It was fun and they were yummy.

The Koala Hospital

The Koala Hospital was extremely interesting and cute. Some of them were injured . One koala was burnt in a bush fire but luckily saved by the koala hospital. Some of them are blind so they have to be feed by the hospital. I Really leaned a lot about the koalas and how they are so important.

Port Macquarie was AMAZING and i hope to go again.

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Italian Day At St Lukes

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Today the 16-9-2015 we had our Whole school Italian Day.

We had a great Supercalifragilisticexpielidocious day.

Thank you to all of the teachers who helped out especially Signorina Senso who organised the whole day.

These were the activities that we did:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Marathon
  • Play or Production
  • Recess
  • Bread Making
  • Lunch
  • Italian activity’s

Treasure Hunt

In the treasure hunt we had to solve a 8 piece jigsaw puzzle but instead of a normal jigsaw puzzle we had to find the right pieces to finish it. I only got 5 pieces. It was so fun and I liked it.


The marathon was quite tiring but fun. I did 10 laps and it was great. To count how many laps we did we had stamps that we got after every single lap.

Play or Production

The play was EXTREMELY funny and we all enjoyed it really well. the play was called the Two Policemen.Thank you to all of the people who made this event possible.

Bread Making

Bread Making was probably the best part. It is when you are given a huge piece of dooh and we got to decorate it in what ever way we like. We are also given the option of having jam in it as well. Thank you to all of the Mum’s that helped with the bread making.

 Italian Activity’s

Italian activity’s was when we had a whole heap of Italian activities to complete. We had some drawings that we had to colour in .This means that you can be as creative as you want.

They were all very fun and the day was great.

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