St Luke’s Mini Fair

Hello Everyone

On the 11-9-2015 St Luke’s Mini Fair.

All of the money we raise goes to Bahay Tuluyan in the Philippines.

We are doing this for the social justice team was in charge.

This helps children on the streets that don’t have a education and work with them.

We raised this money to buy a rice fields.

I felt very proud and very sad for those who live on the streets.

The stalls that we had were:

  1. Cake stall-Middles
  2. Toy stall-Middles
  3. Face painting and Hairspray stall-Seniors
  4. Honey joys and Chocolate Crackles stall-Preps
  5. Guess how many lollies and chocolates in the jar-Preps
  6. Book Stall-Juniors
  7. Lucky dip stall-Juniors
  8. Healthy snacks stall-Seniors
  9. Chocolate Trow-Seniors

I got my hair sprayed and my face painted. I also got some honey joys and a chocolate crackles.

We raised over 1000 dollars.

We had a great day and raised a lot of money.

If any questions please comment 🙂

Poetry Lessons

Today the 10-9-2015 we had our Poetry lessons 🙂

When we were ready to present, we would get up and present the style of poetry we were researching and learning about.

The others in the class would take notes in their slideshow and would make their own of the poem they were learning about.

I did the Cinquain poem.

Here are some facts.

  • It is a poem of 5 lines
  • It is similar to a haiku and tanka poem
  • A cinquain does not rhyme


The set out of a cinquain poem                      

1st line: one word (title)

2nd line: two adjectives

3rd line: three verbs

4th line: 4 words to describe a feeling

5th line: one word (refers to the title)

Line 1: 2 syllables                                      

Line 2: 4 syllables

Line 3: 6 syllables

Line 4: 8 syllables

Line 5: 2 syllables

The person who invented a cinquain was called Adelaide Crapsy.

This is my presentation.

How learning from others helps me learn:

This helped me learn that you can learn from everything. It also helped because I knew most of the poems but it was nice to find out more about it.

How it’s like to teach others:

This type of teaching is very helpful.

If we just had it like the teacher

These are my favorite poems that I wrote:



Bright, Light

Moving, Hot, Rising

Weather, Everyday, Hot, Cold

Jumping , Splashing, Extremely cold

Dropped, Wet


Shape Poem

Home a safe and secure place. Filled with happiness and joy.

Were you can relax and feel good about yourself. Were you can love and care for one another.Where infants are born. Where others are proud and personal. Home is a place that can be shared with anyone.


Ned Kelly

Was so deadly

He pulled out a sore

and sat on a door

John Flynn

Sat on a bin
For the very first time

He could climb

The poems that we learnt to write was:

  1. Haiku-Angelo and Jacob M
  2. Lantern Poem-Ruby and Jack
  3. Cinquain Poems-Ashling and Rosie
  4. List Poems-Jacob F and Jacob 
  5. Diamantes- Madeleine and Lauren
  6. Sonnet-Amelia and Bridie
  7. Concrete or Shape Poems-Riley and James

What was your favourite poem:)

Please leave a comment:)

War Hero-Jim Martin

Hi Bloggers

Today’s task was to do a blog post on one of the significant person who played a big role in the war.

I choose Jim Martin.


This book is the book that we read today. It inspires me to actually think properly and to put me into their shoes and to think like they did back then.

The book really shows what it was like out in the Turkish trenches at gallipoli.

He was in the world war 1.

Jim is significant because he was the youngest boy to go to the war, unfortunately he died at the age of 14.

He was actually 14 when he applied for the war but he pretended to be 18 years old.

At one time he wasn’t going to be sent to the war but he eventually did.

The ship he was on sunk but they were rescued by the gallipoli beaches.

He became very sick in the ship and on the beaches at gallipoli.

He was born on the 3 January 1901 and died in gallipoli on the 25 October 1915 (aged 14).

He is the most brave person in the whole war.