Cinquain Poems

Hello everyone

How are you all?

Here are some cinquain poems that I like.


Messy, spicy

Slurping, sliding, falling

Between my plate and mouth



Lived once,

Long ago, but

Only dust and dreams


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Lion from the Wizard of Oz

Today we had to do a post on a famous lion.

I decided to do the lion from the Wizard of Oz.

The Lion from the Wizard of Oz wanted to have bravery and courage from the wizard of oz.

When he got it in the end he was so excited and he believed in himself.

His name is Cowardly Lion.

Here is what he looks like:

In the movie he shows lots of feelings like scared and frightened but at the end of the movie he is brave and fierce.

He is the king of the dark jungle in Oz.

He meets the tin man, Dorothy and the scarecrow.

I will adore him forever for the courage that he puts in to everything he does.

I will stand by him for the rest of my life.

I hope you will to!

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Homelessness :)

I am homeless. I am 11 and my name is Ashling. I haven’t had absolutely any food in 2 MONTHS straight! There are 105,237 other people homeless with me well in my group.I feel very sad and depressed. I have made some friends and they are quite nice.I am very sick, I have gastro. All I have with me is a sleeping bag and an apple.

I am outside and it’s hailing i have only a t shirt on and leggings. My mum and dad left me in the FREEZING cold and that’s how I am homeless. I have tried and TRIED to find a home all of my life. Now I am 20 years old and my girlfriends have asked if i would like to live with them.That moment was the most happiest moment of my life. I am now in university and I have a degree in science. I like my teacher and the other students in my class.

I will definitely help other homeless people today.

On the 7/8/15 my school had a Pajama day, where we come to school in our Pajamas and we raise money for the homeless.

Please help by donating to St Vincent De Pauls and help the homeless

Please comment and donate today 🙂

The Interesting Immigration Museum!

On the 3-8-2015 all of the seniors went to the Immigration Museum to learn about Immigration to Australia.

The three exhibitions that we did were:

  1. Identity-Yours Mine Ours
  2. Passport tour
  3. Heritage Tour-Explore the history of the outside of Melbourne

Identity 🙂

This activity was very fun and exciting because there were a lot of deep thinking in the whole process.

Here is some information.

What we are called?

Our name is the heart or first step in our separate identity. Our name could have a connection with either family, Religion, community or relatives.

We watched a video about these two woman who were on a train, and they were talking to each other, when they stopped at a station.Two men hopped on, one of them sat down and the other had to stand.They were all good until the man who sat down got a phone call from his friend. He answered it and started talking to him. A couple of minutes into the phone call the man standing up said to the man sitting down, “Can you quiet down you are making too much noise” in a very loud and scary voice. This is very sad because he being black doesn’t mean that you should do such a thing.

Passport tour 🙂

The next adventure we went on was the passport exhibition.

This exhibition was really heartbreaking because all of the bad wars and events that happened, back then were in this section.

We saw a video about all of the natural disasters killing millions of people (very sad).

I felt a big BOOM in my heart when I saw the video about when all of the people in other countries were disrespected and .

This made me feel really bad and shocked at how we have to be grateful for what we have including:

  • House
  • Clothes
  • Bathroom
  • Fresh food
  • Fresh water
  • Heaters
  • Beds
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Money

These are all of the essential things we need in our lives.

All of the poverty in our world is getting bigger and bigger because more rich people are getting more greedy in what they buy.

While we walked around we had to fill in a page in our passports about the topic we were just about to go into.

We learned a lot of information about other countries and how they got here.

Heritage tour (outdoors walk) 🙂

This was very different to the other exhibitions because this one was outdoors and walking. it was FREEZING outside so we kept on moving.

While we were walking I saw the bridge which homeless people sleep at night. We also saw the difference between the two periods of time, olden days and today.

We saw lots of buildings and how they have changed over the years.

This excursion has definitely changed how I look at immigration and other people from other countries coming to Australia to live.

What was your favourite exhibition?

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The Spectacular Sovereign Hill!

Hello bloggers

Sovereign Hill was awesome and we did a lot of exciting activity’s.

Have you been to Sovereign Hill before?

My favorite part would have to be learning about the Eureka stockade and all of the significant people who played a big part in the Eureka Stockade.

What was yours?

I saw lots of old posters advertising for lots of different types of things. I also saw lots of old people dressed up and pretending to be the important people. I saw old handwriting and old buildings. we also saw lots of rivers or lakes, and some gold.(But not much). Lots of my friends did though.

I learnt that there were 2 different types of finding gold. Panning, which is finding gold from a lake with a pan and shovel. Mining, where you go underground and use an ax to find the gold in the sides of the walls.

Mining was also very dangerous because you couldn’t breathe properly and it was tough conditions for the diggers.

I did make a candle with lots of different types of colours.

We saw the gold being poured and cooled down that was probably my favourite part of sovereign hill.

I also learnt that the woman who came with their husbands and family’s had a extremely big part in making the eureka flag. They stayed up all night to make it, they were very tired and sore in the morning.

The old schools were quite small and full of lots of different activities that we are not used to.

I also bought Raspberry Drops and they are REALLY yummy.

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