MCG Clinic and Trials!

Hello Bloggers

How are you all?

How were your holidays?

On the holidays I had a clinic and state trial for the SSV (School Sports Victoria) 12 & under cricket team in the MCG indoor facility’s Melbourne Australia and that’s where only the Australian and Victorian cricketers train.

This is the ramp at the MCG where they can drive cars onto the ground.

IMG_0214 (1)

These are the Hawthorn change rooms.

The picture is blury because we were moving and it was hard to take a photo.


I saw the change rooms for the Hawthorn and Collingwood game which Hawthorn won.

At the clinic there were three Victorian senior cricketers; Ana Lanning, Kathleen Hempenstall and Emma Inglis.

I learnt a lot from them and it was really fun.

There were 50 girls who trialed and all of them did very well.

All of my holidays have been quite busy but fun and exciting.

I also met a lot of new people while doing the trial.

 What did you do in the holidays?

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Marvelous Maps :)

This week for maths we were focusing on Maps and directions.

The focus points were:

  • Using a Atlas
  • Desert Maps
  • The Shortest route to Ballarat
  • Treasure maps
  • Mazes

Using an atlas

We were told to find the borders, surrounding countries and seas and the capital cities of our country.

My partner was Lauren and we chose Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Capital city is Kiev, it’s surrounding countries are Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and Russia.

What’s your favourite country surrounding Ukraine?

Maths Maps

Desert Maps

Desert Maps was how the aboriginals have their maps on rocks and canvases.

We watched a video about the aboriginals and it was really interesting  finding out how they used to be able to make maps without cameras.

Here it is:!/media/1436318/connecting-with-aboriginal-desert-art

The Shortest route

The shortest route to ballarat was a fun task because we didn’t  know how far away it is from us at the moment.

It took 1 hour and 38 mins the main road is western freeway to get to ballarat.

We used google maps and compared the 2 different types of maps and they are called Geographical and political maps.

Treasure Maps


The most funnest activity this week would probably have to be the treasure hunt.

What we did was we had to make a map and make one places the treasure.

We gave our map to another person and they would have to find the treasure.

It was really fun, I wish we could do it again.


In the lesson Mazes we were blindfolded and we had to give directions to get them to the end of the zig-zagy path.

We also made a maze that another person had to get to the other side of it by giving directions.


What is your favourite thing to do in mathematics?

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