Reflection of term 2

Term 2 has been very exciting and fun.

We have had a very busy term but fun.

The things we did were:

  1. Conformation
  2. Inter-school winter sports
  3. Cross country
  4. Anzac day
  5. Blogging challenge
  6. Inquiry on Justice
  7. Soccer Round Robin
  8. St Vinnies Winter Appeal

These are all of the subjects we normally do:

  1. Maths
  2. Religion
  3. Inquiry
  4. Writing
  5. Literacy
  6. Visual art
  7. Genius Hour
  8. Positive Education
  9. Physical Education
  10. Performing arts

Here Below I will talk about the important ones.

My favorite event was the blogging challenge.

The blogging challenge was FANTASTIC!

This term was the best so far.

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Week 10 Blogging Challenge

Hello Bloggers!

How are you?

This is my last Post on the blogging challenge.


Part 1 🙂


I did 18 posts altogether since march, 5 from the blogging challenge and 12 including Homework/school. (All of the blogging challenges were quite long.)


5 friends have commented on my blog, 3 people have commented from other schools in Australia and 1 person in another country has commented on my blog. My teacher has commented 1o times! 🙂

I got 5 comments on Clean Up Australia Day, I think that we got a good conversation going and we were really thinking about the issue. I also included some questions.

I enjoyed writing the bodran post because it was really interesting and different that i enjoyed it. It was also from my family.

No I did not change my blog theme.

i think that i have too many widgets and that i should delete most of them. I have also got more posts than widgets.

I have got 3 blogs on my blog roll from overseas. I also have all of my classmates blogs.

Part 2

This challenge was really good and interesting.

Every challenge was quite different and fun.

It was all really fun.

Please comment below 🙂

Madeline Meets Posco (Narrative Story)

In the year 2000, there was a nice, friendly but creepy girl named Madeline. Madeline was as fast as Usain Bolt and a cheater combined, she has small brown eyes, a lot of freckles, she has a round head and a cool side fringe.

Madeline is quite shy brave and as strong as a 3 kg weight.


Madeline was coming back from school called, St Lampost of Assisi, to go home. As she was walking she saw this absolutely huge bear, called Posco, having his afternoon tea.

Posco the bear is a ginormous bear. About 2 meters in height.

She is a mother of 500 echidnas. Posco has greedy green eyes and huge ears so she can hear absolutely anything you say. She is a different kind of bear to what we’re used to, because she has florescent orange fur. The forest that she lives in, when humans touch anything it turns blue.

Madeline was so frightened by seeing sight she ran as fast as she could and fainted suddenly. When Posco saw this she was so excited that she fainted too. Also, all of the echidnas fainted. In about fifteen minutes after the fainting issue, they all woke up and stood up.

Madeline kept on going to the creepy and dangerous house in the middle of nowhere. Posco ran as fast as she could and accidentally sat on Madeline.

Posco quickly got off, said sorry and apologized.

With the apology Posco took Madeline out to hunt for deers. They were very hurt but relieved that they were back together as friends. Then and on whenever they meet they could always remember that story.

The End

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Hello bloggers 🙂

On the 12th and 14th of June, all of the seniors were being confirmed.

The masses were amazing and everything went well.

I congratulate all of you, you all did a fantastic job.

There were some funny moments but they all turned out AWESOME.

I really liked what everyone wore to the confirmation. You all looked so grown up.

Thank you to all of the people who made the day possible, teachers, students, sponsors, mum (who played the piano) and all of the people who attended the mass.

Thank you everyone for everything 🙂


Hello Bloggers 🙂

How are you all?

I haven’t posted in a long time!

Today I’ll be talking about the drum called a Bodhran.

A Bodhran is an Irish Drum, pronounced Baw-rawn.

All of the information is pure speculation.

Most of the information is unknown, but the surface of the drum is made out of goat skin.

It is a really old instrument.

Here is the video about this person playing the Bodhran.

Tell me what your favourite instrument is?

Please leave a comment below and tell me the answer 🙂